Successful WE-Heraeus Seminar #749

Our WE-Heraeus Seminar #749 Photonic Links for Quantum Technology Platforms has just concluded.

We heard 16 excellent talks and had 35 stellar posters. The seminar was held on the very nice MeetAnyway platform.

Four poster prizes were awarded to excellent posters and presenters. It was fantastic to see that so many colleagues managed to participate for the whole seminar and contributed in the lively discussions. Espacially considering that we had active participation from Australia, Europe, Americas, Asia and NZ, spanning nearly all the time zones and observing the sunset in the UK while the sun rose in NZ.

Let’s all push ahead and get the world pandemic free and Photonic Quantum Links a reality, such that we can plan an in-person meeting in Bad Honnef in the hopefully near future!

Group Photo

Harald G. L. Schwefel
Associate Professor

I work on Resonat Optics.